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Do you know you can generate a Resume from LinkedIn??

Do you know you can generate a Resume from LinkedIn??

What do you think about this Resume Format??

Will you try to use it for your job applications??

Let me know and Comment below... 👇

This is generated based on your profile...

So, First of all, you need to write a great Profile!!

I can Scan and Audit your LinkedIn Profile to help you...

Do you want to become an industry expert and thought leader?

Do you want to have great personal branding??

Do you want to learn and grow your LinkedIn??

Do you want recruiters and clients to come to you??

I have 2 hours of Training in Branding and Monetization as well...

If yes, and you are interested... then please:

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment and LinkedIn Adviser

- Like and share this post

- Leave a Comment "Profile" below so that I know you are keen to learn and how to connect with you!

Completed the steps above & I can't wait to empower you!

Welcome to visit nextRoles and Let's Win The LinkedIn.

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