Do you know Recruiters only have 7 seconds to 1 minute to review or scan your CV?

Do you know Recruiters only have 7 seconds to 1 minute to review or scan your CV?

Is everyone know “Elevator Pitch”? It is meant to explain your sales speech during an elevator ride.

CV is a document to “Sell You" and explain to someone who you are & why are you are suitable for the job.

Do you think you need to write your CV in the proper format so people can know you in less than 1 min?

Your CV generally explains your skills and expertise, so do NOT include any irrelevant information.

As HR/Recruiter & Adviser, I’m still reading at least 800 CVs per month and provide Career Advice.

I always found out “Creative errors” that people made and will be screen out from the job application.

So I have developed CV Guidebook for everyone for FREE. Let me know if you want a copy.

Now, I would like to offer my help to REVIEW your CV & LinkedIn profile as well.

I will do it for FREE for the First 3 People if they do all the following:

1. LIKE and SHARE this post

2. Write “REVIEW” in the Comment below

3. Connect with me if you are not (send me an invite, I will accept all)

Direct message me to discuss your problems, I'll provide advice to your Career, CV & Interview Skills, Job Search Direction & Strategy.

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser

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