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Do you have the same feeling?

Do you have the same feeling?

Not sure whether you receive some GROUP messages?

Someone is promoting their services, they tag a lot of people.

Have their message out there, then they remove you!!

They don't want you to reply and contact them, haha.. It is so annoying!

People hate to be involved in this kind of message and Group.

We don't know each other and I am not interested in what you are doing.

You are not promoting your business, you are killing yourself!!

You will lose your credibility and trust by sending this kind of sales message.

Did you ask for permission to send? Are you provide valuable content??

No, you just FORCE someone to read your message. You did not provide any value.

You did not help them and they are not interested in your products or services too.

This is regarded as Spam honestly. We do receive a lot of email spam.

I don't want to receive this kind of Group Message as well.

LinkedIn is the platform to build a relationship with people but not spam others.

Think about the "feeling" when people received this message and when you remove them.

Do you think we will contact you with your solutions?

It is the same as people who send their CV directly to ask for Review or Referral.

What do you think? Who is with me?



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