Do you have any questions for me?

Do you have any questions for me? How to answer this question in the Interview?

Remember not everything covered during the Interview. It's only 1 hour or so!

Grab the chance to ask them directly to know the Interview result.

Yes, you can by ASKing good questions! 2 advantages:

- You can sell yourself again as Summary

- You can "FEEL" the answer & see if you receive the "Buying Signal" from Interviewer

BUT please be prepared for the questions, otherwise you will lose the golden opportunity!

So can you ask them directly: Will you hire me?

No one stop you asking this question.

But the correct way should focus on:

- Ask about the Culture & the Work-Life to understand the company

- Ask about the Job-related things to show your passion

- Ask about the Interviewer & the Team to learn more about people working there

The Interview is a two-way street, you also have to understand more about the actual work!

Always be selling yourself, convince the Interviewer & try to impress them!

Sometimes just depends on luck and chemistry, but don't be dishearted.

If you want to know more about Interview, I do have Masterclass for you:

- Please comment "Masterclass"

- Like and Share this post

- Follow me

I will send you the link afterward

Keith Lau #nextRoles #careers #interviewtips

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