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Do NOT include any irrelevant information in your Resume!

Do NOT include any irrelevant information in your Resume!

Not to mention people also include extremely old career experiences.

Not sure why I found out most of the errors made from #India candidate’s CVs.

Sometimes, they have included their Father, Mother, Son, or Daughter’s name.

Sometimes, they will mention their Height, Weight, their Signature, etc.

There are CVs with Bad Formatting, Inappropriate Font, Too Long, lots of Logo & Tables.

These "Creative errors” in your CV will be screen out from the job application.

It is not related to the Job Description, so doesn’t help at all.

As a Recruitment Adviser, I’m still reading 800 CVs per month & providing Career Advice.

So I have developed CV Guidebook for everyone for FREE. Let me know if you want a copy.

Now, I would like to offer my help to REVIEW your CV & LinkedIn profile as well.

I will do it for FREE for the First 3 Persons if they do all the following:

1. LIKE and SHARE this post

2. Write “REVIEW” in the Comment below

3. Connect with me if you are not (send me an invite, I will accept all)

Send me a direct message to discuss your problems, I’ll provide guidance to your Career, CV & Interview Skills, Job Search Direction & Strategy.


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