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Do Apply Massively Kill Your Opportunity to Get Hired?

Do Apply Massively Kill Your Opportunity to Get Hired?

The Answer is YES! But Why??

Imagine, if you apply every job for each company or recruitment firm...

What's the perception of the receiver??

I understand that you really have urgent needs to find a job.

So that's why you tried everything. Thanks for your hard work.

But from the HR & Recruitment point of view. You are not increasing your chance.

People will simply think you are crazy and even as a joke! What?

Would you agree... It's impossible for you to suitable for all the positions available or advertised?

So HR will just click 'reject button' again and again.

You will never hear any positive (or real) feedback.

Instead, you should have a clear job search direction and strategy!

Don't go to job boards every day or apply for all the jobs, that's not good for you!

So, what should I do?

Find out your ideal roles and company, approach them directly!

If you want to learn more creative ways to find jobs in 2020.

I have a Webinar for you, please do all the following:

-Follow Me

-Comment "Webinar" below

Share this post, write: Follow #nextRoles

-Notify me & send me a DM (it's free to do so)

I'll then send you the detail afterward.


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