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Discover 3 New Ways to be Recession-Proof during #COVID19.

Discover 3 New Ways to be Recession-Proof during #COVID19.

Reveal the Secrets to a Perfect Career that is Easier than You Think!

And learn how to stand out in the market that will improve your employability & marketability.

Share with you 3 Topics Below:

👉 3 Most Important Elements that Stand Out in your Resume in 7 Seconds

👉 2 Critical Interview Answers that will likely get you hired & lasting impression

👉 1 Winning Action Step to get Immediate Reply from HR & Hiring Manager

As the Economy needs more time to recover and the job market will not back to normal.

You have to equip with Skills for your Interview, have a great CV & utilize LinkedIn.

Ready to learn more meaningful ways to grow your career that will inspire you?

Come to Join for the FREE Live Webinar, if you are interested.

Please do the following to Enroll:

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser for more Career Advice

- Share this post and care for your own network :)

- Type "Masterclass" in the Comment below

- Like this post as well :)

I will then send you the registration details.

Please Follow #nextRoles hashtag & Visit nextRoles page too!

See you on Jun 6th, 10:30pm & working with you soon!

Can't wait to empower you!


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