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Did you change careers yet?

Did you change careers yet?

Are all people who want to change careers because of making more money?


So how to change your career even when you have no idea what you are doing?

If you are stuck, I would suggest you talk to your friends and someone who can guide you.

You can also rely on your powerful network on LinkedIn as well.

What you need to do:

1. Start Introducing yourself and send a personalized invite to connect people.

2. Find the commonality and discuss something both of you are interested in it.

3. Provide value and offer your support to contribute to his/her network.

4. Post articles share your experience and interact with more Like, Comments & Share.

5. Remember to build a long-term relationship, don’t ask for jobs or any favors!

I have line-up 4 LinkedIn Live in March 2020 based on the above methods.

#LinkedIn is the powerful and largest business platform which can help you a lot!

Despite if you need to change careers, growing your network is your best option!

Find out your why and chat with more people today!

Here are simple steps:

-Put a like and comment on this post.

-Connect with anyone who also puts a like or comment.

I promise you, doors will open you had no idea existed.


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