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Delighted to read one of the post from James Fok.

Delighted to read the post from James Fok. Good work! ❤

In fact, he inspired me to provide Career-related content in Dec 2019.

We had great success with LinkedIn Live & coming up with more collaboration.

Recently he has launched a successful funnel to teach people for Unlimited Interviews.

I'm one of his fans & I wanted to tell you this: "His method really works!"

Believe me or not, as HR practitioners & Recruiters for 10 years. I know it works.

There are many coaches out there, but I would say he is the only one point this out.

Why? I believe it is because James has inborn sales & motivator background.

The method is not rocket science but needs you to change your mindset & take action.

In order to let more people know & acknowledge my friend - James, my bold promise here:

For those who joined & who want to join his masterclass. What I can suggest:

I'll provide 1-hour Webinar for you & my career assessment program for FREE!

By the way, my 1-hour Webinar & programs are complementary to his content.

How? I'll tell you what actions to take to work on his suggested methods, etc..

So you can get the full help from 2 experts in Hong Kong. Is it a good idea & deal?

Send me a message, let me know if you watched or going to watch his masterclass.


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