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Dear My Friends...

Dear Friends.. thanks for your support that motivate me to keep going and provide the FREE 30 mins Career Advice.

I feel blessed to give rather than receive.. and I'm happy, satisfied and enjoyed offering help to anyone in need about their career and CVs.

Starting from Mid-Nov 2019, I made a few videos and offer FREE advice, then I posted on Facebook.. and in Late-Nov 2019 I tried to post on LinkedIn and then I received overwhelming responses and attracted people to search my profile and connect with me.

I've made a lot of new friends. During the past few weeks, I've conducted a lot of FREE 30 mins on the phone with people in H.K., or even in Malaysia, India, Lebanon..

I've come up with the following summary:

- 99% would need someone to review their CV / profile because they are not able to find any HR colleagues to help

- About 75% have the "Career Gap" right now and actively seeking for new opportunities. They are all affected by the recent social movement in Hong Kong.

- More than 40% would consider they need to change their career and need advice on how to find their next roles, e.g. which industries, what kind of companies, etc.

- Lastly, almost 30% would have questions on how to manage their LinkedIn profile


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