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Dear LinkedIn, I have a doubt! Which buttons should I click?

Dear LinkedIn, I have a doubt! Which buttons should I click?

Many people believe TIME is their most important resource.

I think this is misguided. Most important resources & skills are: ASK 😁

You can get money through various means but once the time is gone, it's gone forever.

If my job is to Wash the Toilet, I don't mind washing it, but I need some respect.

I really don't mind providing my opinion & spend my time.

But are you asking me to provide just Good or Bad, Yes or No kind of answers?

It's not an opinion! Lots of people send me a message & bagging for my time to review their CV.

I don't want to use 7 seconds to just read your CV & treat this a number.

To me, I do professional, quality work that changes people's lives. And Transformational Changes for your CV instead!

Ladies & Gentlemen, I would like to spend my precious time reviewing your CV & LinkedIn Profile.

I really mean it, my program will need at least 2 to 3 hours of my time.

Do you want Perfect, Killer CV? Please do all the following:

-Follow Me (as max. out of 30K connections)

-Like this post, Write “Review” in the comment

-Share this post, tell your friends, so more people benefit from it!

Send me DM if you need any help!

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