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Dear #jobseekers, in this pandemic, most companies & hiring managers are:

Dear #jobseekers, in this pandemic, most companies & hiring managers are:

Looking for a Junior Engineer, with the experience of a Senior Engineer, but the salary of an Intern!

They are taking advantage of YOU?!

BTW, some Internship is unpaid as well? 🤣

Please offer candidates something comparable to what they worth or earned before.

Offer people based on what they deserved & expected!

Treat Candidates as Potential Customers and HUMAN!

Hiring for attitude & consider the pay level based on their background & experience.

Offer fair compensation & market salary; please respect as well as treat all your employees equally.

Employees are your long-life ambassadors and they will contribute a lot if they are happy and engaged.

This is to time to help each other but not to take advantage of anyone; we all suffered from the #COVID19 & the economy.

It's always good to show some kindness & humanity! 😘

What are your thoughts? Agree? Comment below! 👇👇

If you need any help with your job search or Careers, send me a DM!

I do provide an ATS-Free CV Template and 100 mins. FREE Career Masterclass!

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