Dear Jobseekers, I have reviewed many LinkedIn profiles. Here are the top 7 MISTAKES...

Dear Jobseekers,

I have reviewed many LinkedIn profiles. Here are the top 7 MISTAKES people do with their LinkedIn Profile. 👇

Recruiters are busy and they rely heavily on search. Make it easy for them to find you by including...

1. A professional headshot photo.

2. Your expertise in your professional headline, eg. Business Analyst, Marketing Manager. Do not put Looking for Opportunities.

3. Relevant Keywords for your profession in your Summary.

4. Call for action. Add your email or phone number and ask people to keep in touch with you!

5. Make sure your LinkedIn Profile and summary match the information on your CV/Resume.

6. Update the Skills section, ask for the endorsement from your network.

7. Set your profile to 'Public', visible to everyone, AND be professional in your activities too!!

Finally, stay positive and continue to spread positive energy on LinkedIn. Recruiters and hiring managers will notice you. You will get a good job soon because of your great attitude, unique experience, and talents!

Keep going. Your dreams will come true!

If you want me to quickly scan your LinkedIn Profile. Leave a comment below & tag your friends!

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