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Dear Friends, if you are searching for jobs... You may go through this:

Dear Friends, if you are searching for jobs... You may go through this:

Job applications: 188+

No responses: 88%

Interviews: 8%

Success: Only 1

Waiting for Offer: 8 days

Jobless Period for 8 months

Sourcing from: LinkedIn, job board, friends, referrals & recruiters

Top Interview Question: Reason for Employment Gap!

Emotion: Anxious, low self-esteem, negative and sadness

Living standard: Contented, careful spending, minimum entertainment

New skills acquired: Cooking, Repairing equipment

Family support: Compassionate, empathetic and loving

Change: Learning and upgrade your career skills...

Motivation: Keep trying, Don't Give Up too soon!

You may need some luck and Pray as well.

During these challenging periods of time, it's not easy...

Please be kind to yourself and be patient.

Believe that something good will happen!!

Keep up the good work!

If you need any help with your CV, or job search...

What I can provide some help and empower you:

- ATS-Free CV Template

- FREE Resume Cheat Sheet

- FREE 100 mins. Masterclass

Interested, please do the following:

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser for More Advice in the Future

- Like and share this post to cheer up other #jobseekers

- Leave a Comment on what are you looking for... or simply type: "Resume"

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