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COVID - Come On Video Interview Discovery LIVE

COVID - Come On Video Interview Discovery LIVE

Nowadays companies will conduct Video Interview due to #COVID19

Do you know how to do it well, be prepare and answer Interview questions?

Make sure you are ready to get in front of the camera & ace your Interview!

We are conducting LinkedIn Live on April 1st, 2020 at 10:30pm (HK Time)

With Trisha Chapman, impress CV - professional CV writing expert!

Topic: Digital Interview & How to Impress Your Hiring Managers

Video Interviewing is going to become a norm & you need to learn the skills.

We are here to give you hope & tips on how to excel in your next video Interview.

Quick Setup Tips:

- find a quiet place free from interruptions (heads up with your family)

- ensure lighting and your background environment

- ensure your internet connection (not prefer Wifi)

- fully charge your laptop or tablet

- test, check your video and audio is working

- buy a good webcam and microphone

- close unnecessary web browsers and application

- Register for some common video Interview platform (Zoom, Skype, WeChat etc.)

- Pre-Install any apps for your video interview software

- Finally, you can test it with your friends before the show!

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