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Coronavirus impacted our work and life!

Coronavirus impacted our work and life!

People are working from home, as well as using Zoom.

The outbreak started growing worse & could change everything. Including the economy, the business, government policy, the stock market.

In addition, your investment, the relationship with other people, etc.

And also your mental health if you are working from "Room" - your bedroom.

Some companies are going to start cutting back & Hiring will cease.

And even the government officials donated their salary to charity.

So what's the impact of downsizing & pullbacks in business?

There are lots of uncertainty in your position & experts expect unemployment increase.

So I would like to have LinkedIn Live to discuss this hot topic.

Last time I had great success for my Webinar with a moderator: James Lee

"What are the creative ways to change jobs without applying in 2020"

There were 124 registered participants & sharing tricks for 1 hour!

Therefore I invite James again to talk about the impact on COVID-19.

Sharing from the Legal and Finance perspectives & quick advice for you.


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