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CEO was once a fresher.

CEO was once a fresher.

Director was once a fresher too.

YOU may be or was once a fresher?!

But do you know why Fresher was able to move up to where they are now? 👇

Not only they keep learning, improving, trial and error... But also...

Because someone trusted them and gave them a chance!

Dear Hiring Managers,

So, next time, when you are interviewing a job applicant;

Do give them a chance and hiring for Attitude!

Because they may be the next CEO and your best employee!

Just be kind and give someone a chance, you will never know the return from them!

Who is with me? Agree?? Comment below for what do you think! 👇

Everyone suffers from COVID-19, so what I'm going to help?

I want to offer one of my Tactical Workshop, as well as 100 mins Masterclass for FREE!

So that you can learn and improve your career skills upfront!

Interested to receive the link, please do:

- Like and share this post to remind people to give someone a chance today!

- Type a Comment: 'Workshop' so that I know how to send you the link...

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser for more Career Advice like this.

Don't forget to visit nextRoles company page and click "Learn More" button!~


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