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Bill Gates will Love it!

Bill Gates will Love it! But what will Recruiters do? Comment below!

6 Most Common CV Mistakes & Tips on how to Avoid Them!

CV is your marketing tool, always trying to make a strong first impression, please!

1. Spelling mistakes & bad grammar Friendly reminder, please do proofread it before you hit the ‘Send’ Button!

2. Poor Format, using a fancy Font or Template CV should not have a table, graphic, picture, emoji or other creative errors.

3. Too Long or Too Packed with texts Unless you are writing a novel or autobiography, no one wants to read a book!

4. Incorrect Employment Period (or Lying) I found that most of the dates are overlap, typo, and even did not mention.

5. Missing Contact Information (or irrelevant personal info) How many times I can’t find your phone number, how can I arrange Interview?

6. Only focus on Duties but not Achievements I don’t want to know what you do day-to-day, I want to know your contribution!

I have prepared CV Guidebook for you for FREE and I can help you to review your CV & LinkedIn profile.

If you want to know more, please do all the following:

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