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Bill Gates found Microsoft WITHOUT a Degree

Bill Gates found Microsoft WITHOUT a Degree

Mark Zuckerberg found FB WITHOUT a Degree

Hiring Managers, will you consider someone WITHOUT a Degree?

Don't Reject Candidate and their Resume just WITHOUT a Degree!!

Anyone with me?? 👇

Anyone with DEGREE??

Hi #Jobseekers,

If you need any help with your RESUME, what I can offer:

- ATS-Free CV Template

- FREE Resume Cheat Sheet

- Cover Letter Template & Sample

- 40 mins. Resume Tutorial

- FREE 100 mins. Career Masterclass

- My Interview Tips & Guidebook

Also, I can provide 2 hours of LinkedIn Training for you, and...

Quickly Scan and Audit your LinkedIn Profile to help you~

If you are interested, do this:

- Like or share this post!

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I can't wait to empower more people, so send me a DM if you need any personalized help.

Or visit nextRoles page or #nextRoles hashtag for more info!

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