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Better Personal Branding at LinkedIn, do you want to know?

Better Personal Branding at LinkedIn, do you want to know?

James Lee connections increased from around 4900 to 11K in about one month.

Last time I invited him for LinkedIn Live to talk about his views on #COVID19.

He just started his LinkedIn presence at that time and trying to build his brand.

Do you want to learn how he increased 6000 connections in just a month?

This time I want him to talk more about Personal Branding and its importance.

That's why LinkedIn is so powerful and he is using a system that we all using!

Date & Time: April 23rd, 2020 (Thursday) at 10:30pm (UTC+8)

Topic: Personal Branding at LinkedIn and it's Importance

Guest: James with Finance and Legal background based in Singapore.

He is Director, Blackletter Advisory and hosted many webinars last month.

James also provides consulting to both individuals or corporate clients.

You will be surprised Personal Branding is so important until we tell you the exact steps.

How to boost up your LinkedIn profile and get numerous approaches directly for opportunities?

Come join us and we want to share our experience, so that you have a better LinkedIn profile!

If you have any questions to ask us, please leave your comments.

We will address it when we start the Live and see you soon!


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