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Because of COVID, we will offer you 80% of your current salary.

Because of COVID, we will offer you 80% of your current salary.

Last week during the lockdown period, my client approached me for a senior position.

The candidate cleared 4 rounds of Interviews and during the salary negotiation, the Director offered him 80% of his current salary.

I was on the phone call and I almost laugh.

I asked him the reason for such a less salary to which the Director replied -

1. Candidate will be working from home and saving a lot of money.

2. Every business is struggling to make money considering it's COVID time. Correct?

Though I felt empathy for that situation, it sounded a little weird.

I couldn't control myself but ask, would you accept me working at 80% of my efficiency?

If your office timings are from 9 to 6, your staff can probably work from 9 to 4:30 pm.

You met him 4 times and think he will contribute a lot to your company as well.

The Director was surprised and replied-

You can let us know your candidate's decision, but 80% is the maximum we can offer for working from home.

As the candidate has other potential offers, so he rejected the offer without a doubt.

But the entire story left me thinking-

Why do people think working from home is easy?

Why people will work for other companies with less salary?

WFH has not only merged the personal and professional space but has also increased the workload stress for all the employees.

Agree? Who is with me??

P.S. - All employees should be paid more for working from home, and it shouldn't be the other way around.

Thoughts? 👇

Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

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