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At first, I’m so afraid to post and engage my connection on LinkedIn.

At first, I’m so afraid to post and engage my connection on LinkedIn.

You know what.. After the first video I’ve made, I selected to post on Facebook only..

However, I don’t get the responses as I expected. I feel I might make mistakes, I feel I don’t look like a professional coach, I feel I cannot provide good value to all of you.

I am so worried if my friends/ex-colleagues/industry expert sees it and laugh at my opinions!

I don’t know what’s the perception when people read my articles or videos, e.g. what if I say something but others don’t agree?

So now, what will I do:

- Focus on interesting topics to share with you about Career, Hiring, Interviewing, Job Searching, and deliver values.

- Sharing what worked for me, my stories or my best practices as an example, whether it is good or bad I don’t know.. please comments..

- Focus on helping others, building a relationship and meet new friends, not just chasing the number of connections or begging for buy-in, or purchases.

This post is just expressing my feelings and I’m not expecting you to like or share, but I’m still hoping for your valuable comments so as to motivate me to do better!

I will produce quality contents for all of you, Let’s support one another!


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