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As I’ve conducted many FREE 30 mins Career Advice

As I’ve conducted many FREE 30 mins Career Advice, there is almost 30% of my mentees asked about their CV & LinkedIn profile..

Let me try to summarize a few points below:

Does the resume & LinkedIn profile need to be the same?

Yes, they should be more or less similar as you don’t want to confuse your HR/hiring manager.

If they found out something different, they might think you look like a liar.

LinkedIn is Social but Resume is a professional/formal document.

Both are an important tool but they serve different purposes because of the audiences under different conditions.

In order to have a better LinkedIn profile, your Summary section should describe what makes you, highlight your successes, reveal your character, tell stories and frame your past.

And you also need to explain your present role by adding rich media, and some keyword so that people can search.

Your LinkedIn profile is dynamic, so you can also show your life outside of work, any events attended, any awards obtained, and any project achievements related to your industry and company.

Finally, your professional photo is needed in your LinkedIn but do not require in your resume, and a good resume and an impactful LinkedIn profile should share the same goal/focus on the value you delivered.

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