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As an HR, I asked her the salary expectation

As an HR, I asked her the salary expectation

She told me she wants more than HKD$35K

From our data, I know the salary range can go up to 39K!

She was a perfect fit and suitable for our role.

So I wrote a salary proposal to my boss and wanted to offer her 39K.

My boss asked me 1 question only - Why?

I said she has the necessary skills and most importantly passionate about our role.

My boss said OK, and then I offered her straight away!

When I called her, I can hear her tears come out... and thanked me.

This is what I can do as an in-house HR professional.

Companies need to understand that if you pay the employee up to their expectation.

They will deliver the result beyond employer expectations!

Agree?? Who is with me?? 👇

HR is your buddy, not your enemy!

We do not always squeeze your salary, we are partners, OK?

If you need help with your careers or job search...

I can provide an ATS-Free CV Template that summarizes my 10+ years of HR/Recruitment experience.

Interested to receive the link & more details, then...

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Welcome you to visit nextRoles or send me a DM!

I can't wait to empower more people and utilize my skills to help you!


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