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As an agency recruiter & in-house HR, I always ghosted #jobseekers.

As an agency recruiter & in-house HR, I always ghosted #jobseekers.

I never provide feedback & response because I have many works to do & my customer is indeed the hiring manager.

So I must hire candidates based on their most recent job title & ensure this is match with the position.

In addition, I hired candidates based on their most recent company & their progression.

I'll NOT hire junior candidate or candidate who is over-qualified.

Of course, I'll Never hire candidates that are jumpy & with huge employment gaps.

It's risky & proves that they are not stable & not suitable to work within the corporate culture.

Also, I'll NOT consider candidates who is much older than the hiring manager, especially for a newly promoted manager they can't manage experienced people.

Although I understand everyone deserves the same opportunity. But do you know why I'm so carefully screen candidates?

In the corporate world, I need to pay safe & not being complained by anyone.

So I'll only do what is working & not to take a few extra miles to work on something else.

If you want the solution & how to bypass "this HR person", our 4 Asia recruitment experts will have a LIVE event tomorrow!

Interested, please type: I AM IN!

Send me a DM, I'll contact you then.

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