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Are you making this #clubhouse mistake?

Are you making this #clubhouse mistake?

99% of people are focusing on the wrong thing...

You probably are too... Chasing your Followers!!

Growing followers isn't bad... but you should focus on...

the REAL Opportunities Clubhouse provides!

Clubhouse is going to be a huge social platform... so...

You should deliver REAL value when you are in the room!

So how you can take full advantage of Clubhouse?

Great question! Let me tell you why this is so important...

You are not trading time for followers...

You are not going to any silent rooms when you are sleeping...

You need to gain a Community!

You should have your own battlefield!

You could be a stadium owner, rather than...

Jump from one room to another & try to speak for few mins...

Hoping to get more followers or ask them to DM you 1 by 1~

Own Fanbase is needed. Agree??

Providing consistent value and help others is the key!!

Just like posting on LinkedIn and become an industry expert!

Who is with me??

If you are in Clubhouse, do follow @keithlau

Let's discuss more or please send me a DM!!

If you need help with your LinkedIn Branding as well, please:

--> Like this post & Comment: "Support" below!

I'll then send you a link to my 2 hour LinkedIn training and help to quickly scan and audit your LinkedIn Profile!



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