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Are you in the Top 5% in your job application?

Are you in the Top 5% in your job application?

Every single job, you are competing with over hundred of candidates.

Press "Apply" button and Wait. (and wait for a long time!)

You won't get any response. You don't know what's happened in the backend.

James Lee MBA (Melbourne)and I will conduct a LIVE Demo Zoom Call.

And we will also conduct a FULL Audit and Assessment especially for YOU.

To help: How you can stand out in your CV & your LinkedIn Profile to apply for jobs!

In this Live Demo:

- Edit your CV to pass the 6 seconds of recruiter's view

- Edit your LI Profile to pass ATS to stand out from the rest

We'll have LIVE Mastermind Group Coaching Call for you tonight!

We helped over 1000 of candidates from all over the world, we produced over 100 videos, our participants from 40 over countries, more than 20 times of Webinar, and lastly, more than 10 Masterclasses hosted in the past.

Date: 9 June 2020, 9PM Singapore/HongKong time (UTC+8)

We conduct our webinar professionally, with proven track records, and numerous testimonials.

JOIN US, let us add value to your Career's journey.



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