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Are you hiring graduates? Are you looking for funding to hire?

Are you hiring graduates? Are you looking for funding to hire?

As Donor, Employer, Alumni @ #CityU, I'm trying my best to help recent graduates.

In view of the double whammy of social unrest and #covid19, we have win-win initiatives!

There is a matching fund to employers at 1/3 of the candidate salary for 3 months!

Let's take proactive steps to help graduates in order to enhance their employability and land a job!

Also, professional support on job-matching and career coaching to students.

Would this be mutually beneficial to employers and graduates?

If you are interested to know more and register your interest, I can send you the link...

To post your job advertisement and assist you in the recruitment process.

You can then identifying fine talents in Hong Kong from CityU.

Ranked 1st in "Internationalisation" & 48th in the World (QS rankings)

Our conviction and commitment to nurturing high-quality graduates for you!

If you want to join hands with us to help graduates in HK, please let me assist you.

Like, Share and Comment below or Send me a Direct message, so that I can help you!

They are going to become valuable assets in your company and create success stories.

Contact me for the online job posting link so we help you to spread your roles to our graduates!


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