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Are you having a 2AM problem & can't sleep because:

Are you having a 2AM problem & can't sleep because:

- Where your next interview will come from?

Do you know how to handle conversations with your friends & family...

- Where are you working now??

And YOU, still searching for jobs & sending 100 resumes??

- But... without positive feedback and wondering if your CV problems??

And you KNOW in your heart the recession is here!

The economic situation is bad, not many hiring out there.

It will be like a tsunami building up to its climax.

Destroying everything in its wake...

The worst part of it?

You have the skills and abilities to add value to the companies you've applied to.

If ONLY they would give you a chance.

If ONLY they would just call back.

But how would you get hired when there are at least 250 applicants on average?


Don't give up too soon!

- You should Follow #nextRoles hashtag and my Free Resources Hub (DM to ask me for the link)!!

- I do have an ATS-Free CV Template and Free 100 mins. Masterclass to teach you.

I'll remove the video soon, interested please:

- Like and share this post to help more people

- Comment: Training

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

Can't wait to add value to you during the FREE Training!


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