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All you need is Happy!

All you need is Happy!

My 18 months old daughter reminded me!

I had a discussion with my friend today, and asking this:

Which one or business was not impacted by Coronavirus?

Some business earns more money due to this virus as well.

But I do see more people having fear and stress about the future!

What can we help? I remember the "WHY" when I was doing this.

I started in Dec 2019 and my first post was 30-mins free consultation.

At that time, Hong Kong was suffered from Social Movement.

I hope to use my recruitment knowledge to help people.

After a few months, I did help 100 people and see their transformation.

Many people inbox me, supported me and ask me to keep posting good content.

I have used a lot of time to come up with a "FREE Resources Hub".

Where I will have more than 170 articles would like to share and my FREE tools.

Such as Cover Letter Template, CV Guidebook, Interview Tips, Questions, etc.

If you want to know more, please can you:

- Follow Me and hashtag#nextRoles

- Like this post and share this post (so that more people benefit from it)

- Comment "FREE" below and send me a DM to notify me!

I will reply to you with the link for those FREE resources, Thanks!


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