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After Watching This, Your Mind Will Not Be the Same!

After Watching This, Your Mind Will Not Be the Same!

For the upcoming LinkedIn Live, I've invited Brian Golod to be the guest.

He is an interesting influencer to follow & you will listen to his personal story this time.

You can see everyone commented he is helping others & is a kind person.

At first, I don't believe it, I think Brian like a Vampire because he charges a lot for his services.

But think about it, you cannot go to Ferrari or Porsche to ask for a FREE drive for 2 months?

Same as people who started the relationship with me (e.g. 30 mins Quick Consultation Call).

I will never use a "Timer" to count how many minutes or seconds for our discussion.

I will true heartedly & engaged to solve your problems. Because we have a commitment!

Without Brian's inspiration, I can't max. out of 30,000 connections in 3 months.

I can't jump 16K followers & every minute there is someone who viewed my profile.

Without these results, you cannot "Feel" why you need to reply to your inbox for 5 hours.

You don't know the overwhelming responses & why I need to spend a few days to reply to comments?

Most of the time I have reached the limits can't leave a comment or use @ mention.

So write your questions to Brian & me below, we will be answering this from the beginning of our Live.

Keith Lau #nextRoles


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