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A Recruiter contacts you, ask if you are open for a job…

A Recruiter contacts you, ask if you are open for a job…

If you say NO, they will still follow up and ask if you have any Referral. Right?

But if you say YES, and submit your CV, they will still reject you or ghost you!

You can do the same while looking for a job!!

So next time if you have a chance to meet with Recruiters…

After your meeting, even if you don’t get selected, why not just ask them:

“Do you know any other openings where my profile fits?”

“Do you have any friends who are hiring for related positions?”

“Can you provide some tips or feedback for me to improve?”

Not always you will get an answer, but don’t miss the chance to ASK!!

You just need ONE opportunity and to get your dream job.

You need to think out of the box and find the hidden job opportunity!

Agree? What do you think? Comment below!

If you need any help regarding your CV, Interview, and Secure your Offer.

I do have a FREE 100 mins Masterclass to teach you critical career skills.

Interested, please do the following:

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- Follow Keith LAU

- Comment “Masterclass”

I will send you the link and love to empower you!

Send me a message if you need any personalized help.


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