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90 Minutes for the next 30 years of Your Career Life - A Rant!

90 Minutes for the next 30 years of Your Career Life - A Rant!

👉 Are you STRUGGLING to land an interview or offer?

👉 Do you want to know the answer to the following?

- What if "I am out of a job or terminated"?

- Should I accept an offer or counter offer?

- ​What to do? Recession is coming!!!

- What to prepare for your next Interview?

- How to perform well and not nervous in the Interview?

- ​When is a good time to do Follow Up with HR?

- What if I have a gap in my resume? - How to manage career change?

- How to build your Personal Branding on LinkedIn?

- AND More... If YES... you are looking for the answers...

Today, I am bringing a team of Four Asia Career Experts to empower you during our Live Event for 90 mins!

Date/Time: May 21, 2020 at 9:30pm (UTC+8)

If you are interested to know how you can achieve your career goals, please does:

1. Type "I AM IN"

2. Like & Share this post

3. Go to nextRoles to press the top "SIGN UP" button

I'll send the details to you. See you!

Follow #nextRoles for More Career Advice as well.


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