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8 Ways to Secure Interview FAST Without Applying

8 Ways to Secure Interview FAST Without Applying

Let's think of some creative ways to apply for jobs? For examples:

- MAIL a Birthday Card (with your CV) to your Hiring Manager, along with a Birthday Cake!

- Compose a SONG (as your Video CV) & send to your Hiring Manager

- Go to every commercial building, lock their door & submit your profile

- Having a Billboard outside of the Employer's office - "Hire Me or I will xxx"

- Craft your Cover Letter as an Invitation to a Wedding party, tell the HR you want a long-term relationship

- Volunteer your time & services to help employer, e.g. repair a piece of company's equipment

- Perform a LIVE Drama Show on Facebook & YouTube to explain why you are the Best candidate

- Dressed like a Santa Claus & brought items from Interviewer's shopping wish list

No matter which methods you choose from the above, people just regarded you as Jokes!

What do you think? Comment below & share your experience!

So what are the BEST Ways? Come join us LIVE & register our Masterclass

We'll show you the exact steps by steps approach which help more than 1471+ #jobseekers

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