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6 Things for you to do RIGHT now if you’re looking for jobs.

6 Things for you to do RIGHT now if you’re looking for jobs.

Despite the economic situation, if you are applying hundreds of jobs but no luck.. I’ll suggest you to:

1) Review your whole working history, understand yourself, identify transferable skills, strengths and core focus area; and have you done any significant projects/achievements for your previous roles?

2) Evaluate your job worth, research & understand the job market (e.g. in job boards) to find out potential jobs that are suitable/available for you. If not, have you consider alternative careers? Or start-up something?

3) Strengthen your business connections, networks with your ex-colleagues, friends or ex-classmates. A referral is the best way to get hired!

4) Change/rewrite your CV and get some expert advice if possible. Also to update your social profile (e.g. LinkedIn) more or less similar to your CV. Try to apply for more jobs consistently but in a professional way.

5) Learn & prepare common or tough competency-based Interview questions, demonstrate your abilities, convince your Interview & shown your achievement. Ask proper questions during the Interview.

6) Practices Make Perfect. There is NO winning formula about Job Search and nothing can guarantee you to secure your Interview fast!


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