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❌ 5 Things Must NOT Do when Your First Interview! 👇

❌ 5 Things Must NOT Do when Your First Interview! 👇

💡 If you do this, you will LOSE your first impression 😢

1. Don't bad-mouth your old company or teammates!

Cause the Interviewer may think: “Will you bad-mouth me after I hire you??”

2. Don't let the Interviewer feel you are desperate for a job!

Interviewers want to find someone to contribute & add value, they don’t want losers! They'll think: "Why you can’t find a job? Why so desperate?"

3. Don't be too friendly to the Interviewer unless you know him/her personally.

As Interviewer will feel uncomfortable & indeed not professional in the business setting.

4. Don't ask about the salary or benefits unless the Interviewer asks you!

As they may think: you are money-driven, only want to TAKE but not GIVE.

5. Don't lie about your CV & Don’t mention your personal problems too!!

If you have any difficulties in securing Interviews or answer Interview questions well…

I do have a FREE 100 mins Masterclass to teach you the proper way.

Interested to learn from me, simply do these steps:

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So will send you the link & details afterward.


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