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5 things Job Seekers MUST NOT do during this Crisis:

5 things Job Seekers MUST NOT do during this Crisis: - Asking for a lower salary - Sending the same resume to every job posts - Being afraid of networking on LinkedIn - Believing No one is hiring and you will never find a job - Giving up too soon! Don't lose HOPE!! Be Positive... Believe in yourself, and you can do it! It's Because... You are so special, unique, and have excellent skills! If so happen, unlucky and rejected by the Company... Please be remember: - Never blame anyone in the process - Never compare with other candidates - Never to remember the rejection feeling Reasons: - Good people give you happiness - Bad people give you experience - Worst people give you a lesson But... BEST people give you memories! After the Interview, you already made a few new friends! Just be GRATEFUL!! Who is with me? Do you agree?? 👇👇 I am now sharing the secrets that Interviewers won't tell you, and offer a FREE 100 mins Masterclass to teach you. If you are interested to learn from me, please do this: - Like & Share this post - Type "Masterclass" in the comment - Follow Keith LAU for Career Advice in the future Complete the steps, I will send you the link & details. #jobseekers #jobsearch #inspirational #motivation #nextRoles


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