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5 Techniques to Write Compelling Cover Letter

5 Techniques to Write Compelling Cover Letter

Sadly, most of the Cover Letters read essentially the same.

We need a breakthrough, creative Cover Letter to SELL yourself.

You need to connect your personal story with your target company.

Find out as much as you can about the role you are hoping to join.

Chances are, you are not the only person who sees the role as a dream opportunity.

There are 5 techniques for you:

1) Grab the reader’s interest and introduce yourself with a story; And don’t repeat anything in your resume!

2) Keep it short (in 1 page) and explain why you are the best candidate, with the skills they are looking for.

3) Be enthusiastic about the role and let people feel that you are passionate, willing to learn and contribute.

4) Strong closing, summarize what you’ve written, request a follow-up and mention you’re delighted to meet.

5) Remember to make a personal connection, provide statistical insight & reinforcing your achievements.

Don’t forget about the formatting & proofread before you hit the Send button!

If your cover letter warms their heart or makes your hiring manager smile, they will call you!

Your action will be the turning point for you to find your ideal nextRoles.


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