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3 Things Your HR & Recruiters Doesn't Tell You!

3 Things Your HR & Recruiters Doesn't Tell You!

Heard from a lot of job seekers, they've applied hundreds or thousands of jobs!

They are searching for jobs for more than 6 months but NO feedback.

If you remember your hard work for each job application, after you click "SEND"...

What you can do is: Waiting and waiting!! And Pray for Good luck.

Most of the time, you might not have the clarity of the following 3 things:

- Their Hiring Process and their Selection Criteria

- Whom are you going to meet for your next Interview

- The salary they offered and how's the approval process

You might only hear a few HR or Recruiters contact you... BUT...

After the Interview, you may never hear from them again! Why??

Do you know what the HR/Hiring Manager is doing behind the scene?

Did you also experience to call them for follow-up but no response?

Also, do you know you can negotiate a better salary every time but you missed...

When they present your offer, it's not always the best and stretches to the maximum yet...

I will reveal this in my Masterclass, if you want to know more, please do the following:

- Follow Me

- Write "Masterclass" in the comment below

- Like this post & Share this post, so more people benefit from it

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser

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