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3 Things That #JobSeekers Shouldn't Do!

3 Things That #JobSeekers Shouldn't Do!

If you do it, you'll have Negative Impressions & even not selected in the Interview.

1. Annoying people by sending your CVs via email and LinkedIn inbox.

Especially to the HR in addition to the normal job application channels!

For example: Asking people to help you with the referral, review your CV, etc.

2. Write a post, attach your CV and mention you are looking for jobs

Not only that, but you also tag a brunch of people (e.g. HR, recruiters, career coaches!)

You may have many views but in the end no one does care!

3. Mentioned Actively looking for job and Link/Upload your CV as Featured section

This means you feel really desperate, no one will look at your CV or provide feedback.

And you disclose all your personal info, sensitive data, and past employment details!!

All the above actions are not professional at all, and does not help you to find a job.

If you want to do it professionally and able to achieve your results.

I have a Live Masterclass (2-hours FREE) to teach you. Interested to learn more?

I can send you the link, please do:

- Like & comment: Masterclass

- Share this post if you think this is useful tips!

Send me a DM if you complete the steps!


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