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#285 Days to Go in 2021!

#285 Days to Go in 2021!

Have you tried counting how many achievements you have?

My Friend Donnie SC Lygonis Counting his Daily Post!!

For the past few years, he has posted Motivational content on LinkedIn & Instagram.

Sharing all about Startup, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship to help people!

Donnie work as an innovation strategist and business coach at KTH (Sweden’s Largest Tech University)

He often represents the University and Sweden in panels and conferences all over the world.

Donnie has spoken at 5 TEDx events and been part of 3 separate TV-series on innovation & creativity.

During his 25 years career, he has a passion to run his own companies and helping others start theirs.

Recently, he started doing live video broadcast on LinkedIn – “Innovation Fika” (on Wednesdays at 2.30pm CET)

Fika is the Swedish word for a coffee break and the concept is meant to be an afternoon coffee break.

If you are interested to learn more and collaborate with Donnie, please Follow him…

Follow his LinkedIn: Donnie SC Lygonis



P.S. You can also subscribe to his newsletter!

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