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Interview Question for hiring talents that can drive Innovation

Innovation strive to work smarter, create more value for our customers and deliver better results for our shareholders from new ideas, or new ways of doing things.

So if we want to have a more innovative workforce then hire a more diverse workforce but in order to make a great hiring decision and chose the right candidate who can contribute to the innovation process you must know what questions to ask in an interview.

All you need is just 1 question which you simply ask 2-3 times.

“We need someone who can help us become more innovative. Can you give me several examples of where you contributed innovative ideas that improved the way that your department worked in last 6 to 12 months?"

Next, drill down and get the details on when it happened, who else was involved, how the innovative idea made an impact to the business, what obstacles they faced to get it done, and what support (if any) they were given. Did it inspire others to take up the idea and develop it further? What was it they learned from the experience and what would they do differently if they were faced with a comparable situation? Then ask the same question about their previous two to three roles. If you are hiring someone for managerial role, you can vary the same question by asking for real examples of where they acted upon innovative suggestions from the team.

All companies are a series of interconnected processes; we have IT, finance, marketing, eCommerce, design, sales and operations to name a few obvious ones. Every day the best performers are generating ideas on how to improve their process and the best managers encourage and reward these innovative steps. Innovation is often seen as some huge leap forward but in reality it usually is taking an existing product or service and making it better.

Hire someone who is encouraged to continuously improve the way they work and diversify the workforce to create a better world with more innovative products and services.

Do you have an idea that could help us to put a smile on our customers’ faces, or help us to work smarter? If yes, please submit an idea to us!


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