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2 Types of People who need career changes and How to Take Action?

2 Types of People who need career changes and How to Take Action?

1️⃣ On the phone with my friend – Henry, he always says to me I want to quit. I will resign tomorrow, I even prepared my resignation letter. I don’t like my damn company.

But guess what? He is still working there.

2️⃣ My other friend – Alvin, he is well planned, know what he needs to do. However, he feels stuck in his career without any progression, doing the same thing every day.

He really wants to achieve more, but he doesn’t know how to do it.

1️⃣ The first type of candidate is those who can’t tolerate even 1-hour stay in their office, however, they don’t take action.

2️⃣ The second type of candidate is those who want to achieve success but they don’t know how to take action and do not have the opportunity in their work now.

🤨 I would advise people to take these simple actions or steps to change your life:

👉 Open your internet browser, search: “your current job title”

💥 You will have plenty of results such as job openings, salary range, job requirements, the available job board

💪 Apply for jobs and Talk to your Recruitment Adviser if needed

See the picture? It’s so easy to take action and you are now one step closer to your ideal nextRoles.


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