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2 months of the notice period is too much?!

2 months of the notice period is too much?!

Can you help to negotiate it to 1? Our role is urgent!

My candidate was identified and negotiating salary...

It was the final process and only formalities were left for closure.

The HR requested me:

Your candidate notice period really 2 months? Cannot change??

I replied - It's 2 months. I've checked~

The HR replied immediately:

No, we can't wait. We need the resource urgently!

Will you be able to negotiate it for a month? We can do buyout!

Well, my candidate was working on a critical project and didn't want to leave in a hurry.

After some back and forth... I'm angry and say:

It's hard and I can't negotiate for one month. By the way, what's the notice period in your firm?

The HR said:

We have a 3-month notice period, but our attrition rate is very very low.

Then is the notice period negotiable in your firm? - I asked curiously.

No, it's not. All our staff will have to serve the notice period or payment in lieu - the HR replied with a stern voice.

Then why are you expecting me to negotiate here? - I asked

And that HR disconnected the call, and later on, my candidate rejected their offer!

Because they didn't value employee's opinions and values.

Agree? Who is with me? Your thoughts, please! 👇

Please NOTE:

Set expectations that are FAIR! Otherwise, none of the resources you hire will care.

Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

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