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10 Things You need to be aware of before signing an employment contract!

10 Things You need to be aware of before signing an employment contract!

You've found your ideal hashtag#nextRoles in a Month, Congratulations!

You are so happy when approaching to sign your offer letters from your ideal job & company.

I understand this is just paperwork and getting over as quickly as possible.

But Job offer letters are tricky and should be read carefully.

Since the offer letter is a legal document, it can be difficult to make changes after it has been signed.

Before you do that, look at the following:

1) Offered Job Title

2) Your Base Salary

3) Report Duty Date and Time

4) The Job Responsibilities

5) Bonuses you may have, fixed or discretionary?

6) Benefits such as Medical, Leaves, Insurance, etc..

7) Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

8) Non-Compete Clause

9) Other Clauses like Non-Solicit Agreements, Arbitration Clauses, etc.

10) Your Employee Handbook which may become part of the contract!

Think before you accept the offer otherwise you cannot change the offer details.

Legal documents always include non-negotiate 'terms and conditions' that you don't know!

Whether you can negotiate them or not, but being fully informed can help you make that decision!

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser

#humanresources #management #business #careers

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