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10 Myths for a killer CV & the truth behind

10 Myths for a killer CV & the truth behind

Yesterday, my 30 days program mentioned people did not update their CV or LinkedIn profile.

We discussed more, so pls. go to watch my video on Facebook page & YouTube channel.

Because 1st myth is: Do I need to copy everything from CV to LinkedIn? I gave you the answer!

2nd Myth: Once I have the CV, I don't need the Cover Letter? Not really again, especially for Fresher & people change career field.

3rd Myth: Resume only get you to Interview? Of course not, CV still has other purposes which I covered from my previous video as well.

4th Myth: A CV should always be less than 2 pages? It depends!

Fresh Grad or Senior Executive can do a 1-page CV. But how about if you like me, changed for 35 jobs, can you do it?

That's why I have a Review CV & LinkedIn profile program to help you!

5th Myth: Do I need to Emphasis on Education? Since most JD mentioned to have a certain Degree?

Why don't you focus on your work performance, achievement & measurable results?

I do reveal 5 more myths, why don't you Like my Facebook & Subscribe to my YouTube?

Then every day you will receive a Free, Short, Live Video & tell you more Career Advice!

Let me know if you are interested in the Review CV & LinkedIn Profile program.

Send me a DM! #nextRoles

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